Zymurgorium Have Released a Shimmering Gin That Changes Colour from Blue to Pink

Flagingo Electric Blue

Manchester distillers Zymurgorium, known for the zany flavours and colours of their gins, have launched the latest in their Flagingo Gin range. It’s named Flagingo Electric Blue and it’s just as crazy as previous releases.

Scottish raspberries are at the heart of the flavour of this gin liqueur and they are combined with a blue raspberry flavouring and colouring.

The ability to change colour is the showstopping feature of this gin. Colour changing gin is nothing new but this is quite a striking transformation.

Initially a shimmering, swirling indigo blue, the gin will change to a soft pink upon mixing with tonic or lemonade. Pretty cool party trick!

It certainly promises to provide a feast for the eyes as well as tantalising the taste buds.


Alongside this quirky flavour, the brand has a peculiar portfolio of unusual boozy bottles.

These include: marmalade gin, chocolate gin, cherry bakewell gin liqueur and even Realm of the Unicorn gin-based liqueur, which is equally as shimmery as the Electric Blue offering.

With this line up it’s hard not to agree with their tagline of ‘Stranger Gins’ on a recent tweet of theirs!

Zymurgorium Flagingo Electric Blue, 50cl, £19, is available to buy from the Zymurgorium website.

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