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These Exotic Flamingo Gin Glasses Couldn’t Be Any Cuter

flamingo gin glasses

If you’ve ever wanted to jazz up your gin glasses then we may have found a fun and quirky option.

ASDA have started selling flamingo gin glasses and they are sure to brighten up any kitchen.

George Home offer a set of two flamingo gin glasses; great for gin lovers who are looking for something a little more exotic in the glassware department.

They are are designed with a pink rim and foot, and a flamingo whose legs travel down the stem.

Flamingo GIN Glasses in Asda ???They are made from glass not plastic ?

Posted by Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK on Saturday, 13 July 2019

We reckon these will be perfect for summer garden parties or barbecues, injecting a bit of colour and fun into proceedings.

We can also think a few colourful summer cocktails which would look right at home in these glasses.

Flamingos seem to be all the rage in the gin world this year, with Manchester distillers Zymurgorium recently releasing a new gin in their flamingo-themed Flagingo range.

So get on trend and embrace the power of the flamingo.

George of ASDA set of two flamingo gin glasses are available to buy for £7 at ASDA, in-store or online. Images from Asda/Shutterstock.

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