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A Sugar-Free Pink Gin Is Now Available from This UK Supermarket

sugar-free pink gin

If you’re counting your calories and having a second thought about having a glass of gin, then this news may just sway your choice.

Tesco now stocks Bloom’s Jasmine and Rose sugar-free pink gin. Low-calorie gin is becoming more popular as the trend to avoid sugar continues.

Most standard dry gins contain no sugar, but many flavoured gins contain more that you would expect. Some contain up to 15 teaspoons (90g) per 70cl bottle.

Unlike soft drinks companies, gin brands aren’t required to list the amount of sugar. So it can be very difficult to find out how much your drink contains. It’s especially confusing if you are calorie counting.

As an example Whitley Neill’s Raspberry Gin contains 9.3g of sugar per 100ml and Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin contains 7.2g per 100ml.

So it’s fantastic news that Bloom’s pink gin is completely sugar free. And if you pair it with a calorie-free tonic it’s pretty much a guilt-free tipple.

Bloom Jasmine & Rose Gin is a limited edition pink distilled gin created by one of the world’s first female Master Distillers, Joanne Moore.

She said: “We work hard to balance the botanicals and natural flavours to create a smooth taste, so we don’t need sugar to mimic smoothness or mouthfeel.”

This new sugar-free pink gin has exquisite floral notes, with rose giving a distinctive scent from its oil when distilled, and jasmine exuding a beautifully fragrant aroma.

Bloom also recently announced the release of 11 new pre-mixed gin bottles which includes a low-calorie option called Bloom & Light Tonic.

Bloom Jasmine and Rose Gin, 70cl, 40%, is available to buy from Tesco for £20 in-store or online. Images from Bloom Gin.

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