Isle of Harris Gin Has a Da Vinci code-style Secret Message Hidden on Every Bottle

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking a bottle of Isle of Harris Gin, you’ll no doubt have fallen in love with the gorgeous bottle. But did you know there’s more than meets the eye to the sleek design?

There’s actually a hidden message etched into the bottom of each bottle, which means that even when the bottle is dry it can still offer something of value.

Isle of Harris bottles are among the most popular to make your own gin bottle lamp once the gin is gone. And now it seems like these multi-functional bottles offer even more in the form of the hidden Latin message.

Like something from a Dan Brown novel, the message underneath each bottle reads “Esse Quam Videri” and translates as “To be, rather than to seem”.

It’s so subtle that it’s something you might never see unless you knew it was there, and indeed it seems like most people haven’t noticed it.

It’s a final touch of class on a product that is already a highly-regarded premium gin.

Harris gin was established in 2015 and uses seven carefully selected botanicals.

Hand-harvested sugar kelp is key to the subtle coastal notes that mark out the spirit.

As for what the message means, we have our theories. But we’ll leave you to get philosophical and decipher for yourself the next time you get to the bottom of a bottle!

You can buy a bottle of Isle of Harris Gin for £37 from the distillers’ website.

Images from Isle of Harris Distillers Ltd.

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