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The Essential Gin Accessories That Every Gin Drinker Should Own

gin accessories

Drinking gin is a serious business. Seriously fun that is! But to get the most out of your gin-drinking experience there are a few essential gin accessories that are required.

We’ll talk you through everything from which glasses you’ll need for which cocktails through to the essential cocktail making kits and even gin artwork to personalise the walls of your home gin bar.

Best Gin Glasses

gin accessories

Let’s start with the obvious. You’re going to need gin glasses to drink out of, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to drinking gin from a glass. Different cocktails have different needs and suit differently-shaped glasses.

Bartenders will tell you that using the correctly shaped glass is almost as important as the drink inside. This is because the wrong glass can mean a drink warms up too quickly or holds the wrong ratio of ingredients.

There are a range of unusual gin glasses but we’ll stick to what works best. Here’s what you need to know about the most essential of gin accessories.

Copa de Balon Gin Glasses (Balloon Glasses)

These are probably the most familiar looking gin glasses. Spanish bars started the trend for serving G&Ts in this style of glass and Copa de Balon glasses (translated as ‘ball cup’ and commonly known as balloon glasses) have become the most popular vessels to drink G&Ts from. This is because the bowl shape allows for plenty of space for ice and garnish.

The thick stem means that your hands won’t warm the drink too, leaving them nice and cool for the duration. Don’t be tempted to fill to the brim just because the space is there, one part gin to two parts tonic should be the perfect G&T ratio.

We recommend Dartington Crystal Copa Gin Glasses, Set of 2, priced at £11.04 from Amazon.

Highball Gin Glasses

The highball style gin glass is a perfect all rounder for long gin drinks, making them a practical and versatile choice of glassware for a wide range of gin cocktails, such as a Tom Collins.

Of course you can still use them for G&Ts if you wish but the fragrance won’t be released quite as well as in the balloon glasses.

We recommend LSA International Gin Highball glasses set of 2, priced at £20 from John Lewis.

Flute Glasses

More commonly associated with champagne and sparkling wines, the rise of gin fizz cocktails means flutes have become a must-have in any gin-lover’s kitchen.

If you’re making the classic French 75 or Nicola 7 cocktails or a simple gin and champagne cocktail, you’re going to need flutes because the reduced surface area of the rim keeps your fizz fizzy for longer.

We recommend Habitat Vienna Set of 6 Clear Champagne Flutes, priced at £19.60 from Habitat.

Best Gin Cocktail Accessories

With all the new weird and wonderful flavoured gins that are available it would be a shame not to experiment in the kitchen with gin cocktails.

Here’s what you need to become an amateur barista at home and really impress your guests at your next party.

Gin Cocktail Stirrer

Probably the most basic but no less important piece of cocktail-making kit. You’ve got to get those flavours to infuse and yes you could use a spoon but you want to look the part too!

For something a bit more special you could try these personalised gin cocktail stirrers from Aspreys and Clarke. Available on Etsy for £10.75.

Cocktail Shaker Set

There’s no more satisfying feeling when making a gin cocktail than ‘shaking it all about’ – plus you look like an expert to boot. You’ll also want a jigger to get those measurements correct and a strainer for cocktails that require it.

We recommend GWHOLE 3 pcs Cocktail Shaker Set with Built-in Strainer, Double Measurer Jigger & Recipes (e-book) from Amazon, costing £11.99.

Re-usable Copper-Plated Straws

Everyone is pretty much on the same page about saving the planet these days and that means one thing – plastic is bad!

Copper-plated straws bring a sophisticated edge to your cocktail and they are re-usable and therefore sustainable: win-win!

We recommend FLOW Barware Set of 8 Copper Drinking Straws available on Amazon for £8.99.

Gin Hip Flasks

gin accessories

It’s getting far more accessible to drink gin on the go with the recent explosion of canned gin now available.

However, gin accessories don’t get much more fun than filling a hip flask for outdoor gin drinking. And a hip flask will always be more discreet than a can when stealth is required in certain situations.

Here are three suggestions to help with drinking gin on the go.

Reserved For Gin Hip Flask

gin accessories

There’s no doubting what this hip flask is going to be housing.

Available from Amazon for £9.

Gin Queen Hip Flask

We all know a gin queen don’t we? This tweed hip flask will feel nice and snug in your pocket.

Available from Etsy for £21.

GINdependant Woman Hip Flask

You’re a GINdependant woman and you’ll drink gin wherever and whenever you please with this leather hip flask.

Available from Amazon for £12.99.

Gin Art

You’ve now got everything you need in the kitchen to prepare and serve the perfect G&T and gin cocktail. But why stop there? Get those walls filled with gin-inspired art and make your home a gin paradise.

Personalised Gin Bar Sign

gin accessories

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy getting your home made gin bar/kitchen up to scratch so it’s entirely acceptable to personalise your name on a sign and leave no one in any doubt as to who owns the joint.

Metal gin bar wall sign is available from Etsy, priced at £6.99.

Gin Bottle Lamps

There are two different ways to make a light out of a gin bottle. You can pack with LED fairy lights (like above) or you can attach a lampshade and bulb to the top of a gin bottle.

It’s entirely possible to make your own gin bottle lamp but if you’re not craft-minded you can pick up a great lamp which has been converted from a used gin bottle. They can make a great statement piece in any room.

Gin Bottle LED Lights are available from Retro Style Media and Gin Bottle Lamps can be purchased from eBay.

Gin Paintings

Do you love gin enough to frame it? Of course you do. These watercolour prints are painted in the style of Hendrick’s Gin bottles but can be personalised so you become the proud owner of your own gin brand.

Personalised gin prints available from Etsy fro £11.

Images from Amazon, Etsy, Retro Style Media and Shutterstock.

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