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This New Plymouth Gin Is Made from a Long-Lost 1842 Recipe

Plymouth Gin 1842 recipe

Plymouth Gin are releasing a gin that recreates a long forgotten gin recipe that dates back to 1842.

Recently found in the vaults of their ancient Black Friars distillery, Mr King’s 1842 recipe contains only two ingredients: juniper and orris root.

Plymouth Gin’s heritage goes back even further than Mr King’s recipe. The gin makers were established in 1793 and operate in the oldest gin distillery in England.

Master distiller Sean Harrison used advanced distillation techniques to recreate the recipe and the gin has gone on sale in a limited edition 2000 bottle batch.

After Plymouth Gin discovered records of the purchase of juniper over 170 years ago from the Italian mountain village of Frontignano, Harrison embarked on a foraging expedition of the region alongside local expert pickers.

A single day of picking provided the juniper for the 2000 bottles in the batch.

Harrison said: “Mr King’s 1842 Recipe is a truly one-off craft gin that we will never be able to recreate again.

“Even if we were to visit the same Italian hillside next year, the climate and harvest conditions would affect the juniper resulting in a different taste profile”.

Mr King’s 1842 Recipe is made in Plymouth’s classic distilling style, synonymous with producing uniquely smooth spirits. The juniper dominated gin boasts a creamy texture balanced with the floral notes of orris root.

Mr King’s 1842 Recipe is the first release in a series of very limited edition craft gins, taking the spirit back to its roots and celebrating the history of the distillery.

Mr King’s 1842 Recipe is available to buy from The Whisky Exchange for £41.95.

Images from Plymouth Gin.

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