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Review: Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin

puerto de indias strawberry gin

The perfect taste of summer, Puerto de Indias Gin is ideally enjoyed with plenty of ice and a complementing strawberry gin garnish. 

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A Little Bit of Background

Founded in Seville in 2013, Puerto de Indias is one of the bestselling strawberry gins in the world, recently enjoying an official release in the UK.

Created by brothers Jose Antonio and Francisco Rodriguez Fernandez after they spotted wild Huelva strawberries growing near the distillery, Puerto de Indias was originally set to be a strawberry liqueur before being distilled with macerated strawberries and gin to create 37.5 % ABV strength.

Taking inspiration from the explorers and pioneers of its hometown of Seville – its name translates as ‘Port to the Americas’ – the brands’ founders coupled original copper stills dating from 1880 with a drive for innovation, and a relentless desire to challenge the ‘known’.

On the Nose

There’s an immediate sweetness as soon as the lid is lifted. It’s not as juniper-heavy as some may hope for, but the luscious fresh strawberry smell is admittedly heavenly for lovers of all things sweet.

The Bottle

Bottled in a clear, tall, glass bottle complete with logo depicting the ‘Port to the Americas’, Puerto de Indias looks striking with its baby pink contents standing out immediately on any gin shelf.

Suggested Serve

The perfect serve for Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin is over ice, garnished with fresh strawberry slices and a wedge of lime, topped up with premium tonic water.

For a more unconventional twist, partner your Puerto with soda water, a sprig of mint, and a cinnamon stick.

On its Own

If you’d prefer your gin on ice, this strawberry delight can be tried straight on the rocks allowing the strawberry notes to slowly unravel.

With Tonic

It’s no surprise to learn that Puerto de Indias started life as a gin liqueur. Its fresh strawberry flavour is lusciously sweet and may require a few trials on how much tonic vs gin to add to get the ratio right for you. Once you’ve loaded it with ice, however, it becomes a summer stunner.

Lasting Impressions

Puerto de Indias is a wonderful addition to the ‘gin-novation’ side of gin production. It’s a fantastic summer gin you’ll want to sip on during Wimbledon season and in your garden alike.

Hardened gin lovers may find the sweet taste a bit on the excessive side and potentially lacking juniper bite but anyone with a taste for sweet, fresh ‘n’ fruity may have just found their perfect match.

Puerto de Indias has an ABV of 37.5% per 70cl bottle and is available at an RRP of £27 from Amazon, Master of Malt and Whisky Exchange.

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