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A Gin Bar Will Appear on Top of London’s Wellington Arch for One Night Only

Wellington Arch gin bar

A world-famous monument in the middle of Hyde Park Corner roundabout doesn’t seem like the most obvious place to open a gin bar but that’s exactly what will happen in September.

As part of the Emerge Festival a pop-in gin bar will open on top of the Wellington Arch.

There are plenty of rooftop bars in London but none like this we can assure you!

And what’s more, the bar will be open for precisely four hours only between the hours of 18.00 – 20.00 on Friday 27 September.

Gin experiences in London don’t get much more unique (or fleeting) than this.

Wellington Arch gin bar

Sipping craft cocktails and G&Ts whilst overlooking dazzling twilight cityscapes such as Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace in the glow of the setting sun sounds pretty good to us!

Emerge Festival’s motto is ‘Big on creativity, low on convention’ and the Wellington Arch Gin Bar and other similarly imaginative events like it are proving the truth of the words.

Other events in the festival include a 1960s-style house party inside Jimi Hendrix’s flat and an electronic music concert made from the sounds of ice.

Tickets for the festival can be bought solely for the Friday night (which includes the Wellington Arch Gin Bar), Saturday night only or as a weekend pass.

If you are lucky enough to be between the ages of 18-30 then the tickets are cheaper.

Emerge Festival tickets can be purchased from the Emerge Festival website.

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