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This Damson Gin Recipe Is Delicious and So Easy to Make at Home

damson gin recipe

Damsons are the quintessential autumn fruit. They can be used in drinks that are warming or spiced but today we’ll focus on what we think they are best at – and that’s a damson gin recipe.

It’s worth noting the difference between damsons and plums because they are very similar. On a superficial level damsons are oval shaped compared to the rounder shape of plums.

Damsons contain less water than plums, making them the far more popular for use in cooking, as a great deal less work is involved in de-stoning them.

They also have a more sour taste compared to the sweetness of plums which is why a damson gin recipe is preferred to plum recipe.

You will need a 2l Kilner jar or two 1l jars in which to infuse the damson gin.

How to make Damson Gin


  • 70cl gin ( a mid-priced London Dry is fine)
  • 400g damsons
  • 200g caster sugar


  1. Prick the damsons with a fork and add to a 2l Kilner jar (or divide between two 1l jars).
  2. Add sugar and shake well every day until the sugar turns pink.
  3. Add the gin, shake and store in a cool, dark place.
  4. Shake every day until the sugar has dissolved, then leave for 3 months, shaking once a week.
  5. After 3 months strain and bottle, ready to serve.

You can use the leftover fruit in the bottle to make boozy fruit cakes or – if you start making the gin in September/October time – an alcohol-fuelled Christmas pudding.

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