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Here’s How You Can Make Blackcurrant Gin at Home and Where You Can Buy It

blackcurrant gin guide

Blackcurrants are a tangy and nutritious super-food which can be eaten raw or due to their tart, astringent flavour can be cooked with a sweetener or can be used to make delicious blackcurrant gin.

As blackcurrants ripen in mid-summer, during the hottest days of the year this time would be ideal to collect a batch to make blackcurrant gin at home.

And while jam is delicious, a cool cocktail to sip during those warm summer nights sounds even better so here’s how you can make yours in a few simple steps.

Then again if you’re not that big on “DIY” projects we’ve compiled a short blackcurrant gin guide with the best gins to buy too.

Blackcurrant Gin Recipe

blackcurrant gin guide


  • 500 ml gin
  • 2 cups blackcurrants
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice (or lime)


  1. Fill a quart mason jar about halfway with fresh blackcurrants. Do not mash the currants.
  2. Add in roughly 2/3 cup of sugar, lemon juice and gin. If the jar is not full at this point add enough gin to fill the jar leaving some space at the top.
  3. Allow the currants to infuse for 2-3 weeks. Strain and enjoy.

Then again if you’re more about finding the best gins out there this short blackcurrant gin guide might be helpful.

Which Blackcurrant Gins to Buy

Hernö Blackurrant Gin

A deeply dark and massively flavoursome blackcurrant gin brought to you by the Swedish distillery which has been crowned Gin Grand Master at the 2013 Spirit Masters Awards, Hernö.

This is made and matured with whole blackcurrant berries and given a sweet edge with a good helping of honey, so definitely a tipple to keep on your radar.

Usually available on Master of Malt but is currently out of stock. We’ll keep you posted when it becomes available again.

Copeland Spiced Apple & Blackberry Gin

A particularly jammy variation of Copeland Gin, featuring the flavours of spiced apple and blackcurrant alongside classic juniper-y goodness.

Available for £29.95 on Master of Malt

3 Pugs Blackcurrant Gin

The folks behind this gin have intertwined the allure of gin and awesomeness of pugs in a marvelous way with their 3 Pugs Gin.

This tipple is described as Lip-smackingly sweet with fresh blackcurrant, supported by spicy hints of cardamom and juniper.

Available on Master of Malt for £40.90. 

Asda Premium Berry Gin

purple berry gin

This gin has a fruity and floral flavour and is infused with blackberries, blueberries and blackcurrants, making it very purple.

This gin will be perfect for summer cocktails, adding taste and colour to create a wow factor.

Available at ASDA for £16 (70 cl, 40% ABV). 


Poetic License Blackcurrant and Ginger Gin Liqueur

The sweet berry flavour from the blackcurrants coupled with the fresh juniper and spice from Old Tom Gin are brought together with ginger to create a warming, fruity drink with lingering spiced berry flavours.

Available on Poetic License for £19.95 (50 cl).

Black Powder Blackcurrant Gin Liqueur

A wonderfully flavoursome gin that bursts with the natural and genuine taste of this deliciously intense fruit. Blended with their London Dry gin to create a rich but not overly sweet flavour with a delectable fruity palate.

Available on Black Powder Gin for £36.00.

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