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J.J Whitley Have a Deliciously Dark Plum Gin

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For those dreaming of deliciously delectable G&Ts loaded with dark fruit, you have to discover yet another gem from J.J Whitley.

If it’s not their Pink Cherry Gin making our mouths water, it turns out the popular gin brand also have a delicious plum gin.

Stated as “showing off the very best of the autumnal fruit in a juicy spirit. This would make a great winter warmer,” we’re already dreaming of dark nights if it means we get to enjoy this.

Good news for those who don’t want to wait for autumn to arrive, however.

You don’t need to huddle around a fire to enjoy and heat it up, as you can in fact pair it with lemonade or tonic for the ultimate refreshing serve.

Essentially, this could be the perfect all-season treat, a jammy taste that could be enjoyed whether summer or autumn alike.

There’s just something about the bottle’s brand new decorative design, however, that feels like it belongs in a Victorian-style gin lounge on a chilly evening.

Bring on the velvet, we’re ready to sit back and enjoy a glass of this with our favourite premium tonic, cheers!

J.J Whitley Plum Gin is available now via Master of Malt  for £20.95 for 70cl  (38.6% abv)

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