Gin Cider Is Here and You Can Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Ever had a craving for cider but as a true gin lover you didn’t want to betray your favourite spirit? Say no more as the gin cider is here to save you from having to face that dilemma again.

Celtic Marches have created a limited edition cider with a twist in collaboration with Penhros Spirits, the latest edition of Herefordshire Craft Cider, G&C.

This small batch is hand made by Artisan Gins distilled in their 150L copper still, housed within their 250-year-old re-purposed cow shed, giving you a limited edition gin cider at just 4% ABV.

gin cider

Created by blending their finest Herefordshire craft cider with Penrhos’ premium dry gin has produced a surprisingly smooth cocktail.

Bursting with botanicals, it captivates the essence of the orchards and enhances the taste journey. Subtle notes of cherry blossom linger after the delicate sweet honey mouthfeel.

The pure gin afternotes have notes of pink pepper, cardamom and rose petals gently lifting through the cider.

Available in 20L Bag In Boxes, for more information or to place your order contact Celtic Marches on

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