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Lemon Meringue Pie Gin Could Be Your New Favourite Dessert

lemon meringue pie gin

Corner 53 Spirits is a distillery based on the corner of the South Downs that labels itself as a producer of “New Age” gins such as their latest Lemon Meringue Pie gin.

Co-founded by ex-bartender Thomas Rudman and his friends Jamie Williamson and Richard Cope, this is a youthful team led by adventure and experimentation.

There is no limit to what they will put in the still, with an endless realm of mad, brilliant and exciting flavours set to come.

This could be considered the first tipple of the range that is a little “out there” as it consists of lemon curd and toasted almonds among other botanicals.

lemon meringue pie gin

However the pastry and meringue are what make this a stand out mix.

The recent trend in “dessert gins” is saturating the market at a rapid rate as seen through the likes of Mystical Unicorn gin liqueur, the Peardrop Gin Liqueur as well as Rhubarb and Custard Gin to name a few.

This tipple is described as rich, gooey sweet and perfectly reminiscent of an old school fave. A true gin-novation while still retaining a glimmer of juniper, which could be appreciated by any gin purist.

Maybe you could incorporate this in a sweet cocktail recipe and satisfy those boozy sweet tooth cravings of yours?

Lemon meringue pie gin is available on The Gin Kiosk for £41.50 (50 cl, 47% ABV).

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