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Hendrick’s Gin Are Creating Another Gin Portal inside a Bank Machine

Hendricks portal to the peculiar

Hendrick’s Gin are at their weird best again only weeks after creating a gin portal inside a London launderette. This time the entrance to the wacky world of Hendrick’s Gin is…a bank machine.

An ATM in Bermondsey, London (or an Automated Transport to the Marvellous in Hendrick’s speak) will be the gateway to a sensory experience, complete with a free Hendrick’s G&T of course.

London gin experiences are incredibly varied but this one looks to be very peculiar indeed.

This will be one ‘hole in the wall’ you won’t be able to take money from, but you will actually be able to pass through. Luckily the event is free so you won’t need any cash.

Hendricks portal to the peculiar

Stepping off the pavement, you’ll be greeted by bank manager Alf, a man who prides himself on giving every customer an anything but banal banking experience.

There is a warning on the event description that smoke will be used so that’s something to take into consideration and also an indication that this will be no normal banking transaction.

Tickets for this free event are released August 28 and it will be very popular so get in quick!

Hendrick’s Portal to the Peculiar runs from August 29 – September 1. To book a date visit the Eventbrite website. If your chosen date is fully booked more tickets are released daily at 12.34pm and a final allocation released Saturday August 31.

All images from Hendrick’s Gin.

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