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Gingle Bells Gin Baubles Are The Perfect Christmas Gift for All Gin Lovers

gingle bells gin baubles

Gingle Bells gin baubles are a unique box set of specialty infused gins that will cheer up any gin lover this Christmas.

What makes these gin baubles extra special is that the botanicals remain a physical inclusion in each bauble – like a decoration in a little snow dome. You can use them as part of a cocktail garnish or discard.

Gin is filled and infused separately within each bauble with 1 of the 6 botanicals to give each a unique flavour and colour. Gingle Bells Gin truly are a high quality, hand made and small batched product.

Their botanicals include specially selected edible flowers and Australian native fruits and seeds.

Gingle Bells are six different gin-filled baubles nestled inside a premium magnetic-close gift box.

gingle bells gin baubles

The metal screw cap lid of each bauble is threaded with a silver ribbon to hang the Gingle Bells up as a fun decoration at Christmas and other celebrations.

Tie them in the Christmas tree, decorate the mantle piece or table or tie around your wrist at a party! They’ll make a great wedding favour too.

The distillers start with a premium Australian Dry Gin made at their own distillery. The baubles are then infused with a different botanical (unusual seeds, flowers or fruit) to create an extra layer of natural flavour and colour.

Available on Gingle Bells Gin for $79.00 (shipping available in the UK). 

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