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A Mysterious Newsstand Will Be Popping Up Promising the Refreshing Taste of Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic

hendrick's gin newsstand

An invitation has been issued to some ‘curious’ people who wish to ‘escape the conventional’ with Hendrick’s gin newsstand.

The ‘Not-so-normal-Newsstand’ will be encouraging visitors to ’embrace the delectable’ when it pops up at the New Register House on Register street later in September.

It is part of the series of ‘Portals to the Peculiar’ hosted by Hendrick’s Gin, offering ‘a platform to depart from this monotony of routine and access the curious character present within us all’.

So far such portals have been the ATM portal inside a bank machine as well as the one in a London Launderette.

In terms of the newsstand, Hendrick’s say it has created an immersive experience to break up the dreary broadcasts, taking guests beyond the obvious by inspiring moments of delightful peculiarity.

The seemingly regular ‘Newsstand’ reveals a not-so conventional world and those curious enough to step over the threshold will be transported from the hum drum and the expected – into a marvelous moment of whimsical oddity infused with rose and cucumber.

All with the promise of a delectable and refreshing taste of a Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic, of course.

Hendrick’s Gin Ambassador Tim Pryde commented: “Things are rarely what they seem in our unusual world of Hendrick’s Gin and our Edinburgh Newsstand will provide a moment away from the mundane and dreary news, into a world more peculiar.”

Edinburgh gin experiences are plentiful but this one really does promise to be a fascinating and unique one.

Designed to mesmerise and inspire, the Newsstand can be found by the curious in Edinburgh from Friday 13 – Saturday 14 September. If you wish to be whisked away to the delectable, make sure to check this out. 

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