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BrewDog Is About to Launch a “Hidden” Gin Bar

brewdog hidden gin bar

BrewDog spirits has announced it will be opening a BrewDog hidden gin bar with free gin for guests who find it in September 2019.

The LoneWolf Gin bar, which will be concealed in a remote Scottish location, will be open to guests from the 19th September until the 20th.

Make sure to keep an eye on LoneWolf’s Instagram and Twitter accounts if you want to get clues regarding the hidden bar’s whereabouts. All related clues will be carrying the hashtag #wheresthewolf.

The first five adults who solve the riddles and find the bar will be awarded a year’s supply of gin.

This latest venture aims to inspire a sense of adventure and courage within its drinkers.

LoneWolf managing director David Gates said: “We have set out to disrupt the spirits industry with everything form our approach to distilling, to the attitude, energy and authenticity we bring to everything we do, the LoneWolf Gin bar is no exception.

“The team wanted to take the idea a pop-up and turn it on its head, using it as an opportunity to take visitors on a journey of discovery, through piecing the clues together, and the even we will be hosting at the other end.

“The bar is completely rooted in the nature that has so inspired LoneWolf, giving us the unique opportunity to combine our inspiration with our product, and we’re looking forward to taking everyone who finds us on the journey from grain to glass”.

The BrewDog hidden gin bar will serve cocktails, inspired by the flavours of Scotland between noon and 3 pm on the 19th September and noon until 4pm on the 20th September. 

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