This Pumpkin Shimmer Syrup Will Add Glitter and Spice to Your Halloween Gin

pumpkin shimmer syrup

For the spookiest way to transform your gin in time for a Halloween party, this pumpkin shimmer syrup will transform your tipple into this shimmering potion.

Unicorn spirits have been around for a while and Unicorn Shimmer Co is bringing you another mesmerizing tipple in time for Halloween.

Don’t forget to give this a little shake first to set the shimmer into motion. You’d of course want to drink it at peak shimmer and see the most Insta-worthy drink in action!

You can serve this straight on ice, or add some Prosecco for extra glitz and glamour.

pumpkin shimmer syrup

You can also add this to cocktails to add an extra flavourful shimmer factor.

For the ultimate G&T pour this over ice with some premium tonic water and watch it come to life as the shimmer sways in your glass.

No doubt the debate on what gin should and shouldn’t be will continue, but if you fall on the side of “gin-novation” especially in sight of Halloween this tipple is probably right up your street.

You can pick up a bottle of Pumpkin Shimmer Syrup from Unicorn Shimmer Co. for £6.99 on Unicorn Shimmer Co.

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