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Halloween Gin and Tonic Glasses for the Spookiest Halloween Cocktails

halloween gin and tonic glasses

For the spookiest way to transform your gin drinking in time for a Halloween party, these Halloween gin and tonic glasses will just do the trick.

With the Halloween party season fast approaching, we thought we’d share the latest glass creation for those of you who love mixing fantasy and gin.

These are the perfect glasses to help you enjoy your Halloween gin and feel all sorts of spooky.

They come in a set of two Halloween tumblers with black vinyl text and orange pumpkins.

The glass has a large round bowl which allows you to also use it as a red wine glass without a foot, as the shape help the aromas and flavours of the wine to develop better.

These are also perfect for other soft drinks and not just gin.

pumpkin shimmer syrup

Speaking of re-vamping your gin why not add some glitter to it with some pumpkin shimmer? You can pick it up from Unicorn Shimmer Co. for £6.99.

We understand that Halloween flavoured gin is either a love/hate decision for everyone, but seasonal inspired tipples can definitely be a cheerful touch to your autumnal gin drinking!

Set of Trick or Treat glasses are by Peony Design and are available on Amazon for £16.50.  

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