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Marks and Spencer’s Is Selling Christmas Gin & Tonic In a Tin

gin & tonic tin

For yet another year, Mark and Spencer does not fail to impress with their Christmas Menu. This year apart from all the delicacies they are offering gin & tonic tins appropriate for festive drinking on the go.

Truth be told there has been an ongoing trend surrounding premixed tipples in a tin, making them ideal for day drinking and social gatherings. It’s definitely exciting to see that the trend can now be translated into the cooler months as well.

Mark and Spencer gin & tonic tins contain the retailer’s Christmas Dry Gin which was launched last year as part of their festive offerings.

Their Christmas Dry Gin featured a whole host of festival botanicals that were guaranteed to make you feel all festive, so we expect no less from the gin & tonic tins.

mark and spencer

Apart from the tins, Mark and Spencer already impressed us with the launch of their Clementine Gin Liqueur Snow Globe.

Not only does it feature a delicious flavour of clementines, but it acts as both a gin vessel and a snow globe decoration, which makes it that much more enticing.

You can turn the bottle and watch the pieces float creating a snow globe effect.

Gin and tonic tins are available at Mark and Spencer stores now. 

Images via Money Saver and Shutterstock

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