Gordon’s Gin Cruise Is Coming to London and It Will Brighten Up Your Daily Commute

gordon's gin cruise

A Gordon’s gin cruise is coming to London to make your commute a bit less drenched in rain and a bit more cosy. Jump on the Gordon Line and enjoy the ride.

Chances are that the transition from summer to autumn finds you most of the time drenched in rain on your daily commute from place A to place B. If that’s not the case then please share your tips on how you cope with the British weather.

We’re probably speaking for the majority of the UK when we say it’s been a little gray and a little gloomy recently much to our disappointment.

Luckily next Thursday and Friday (October 3rd and 4th) Thames Cruises is fighting rain by showering Londoners in gin, when they launch The Gordon Line.

gordon's gin cruise

Travellers will be taken from Canary Wharf to Vauxhall, and you can expect a complimentary Gordon’s gin on board as well as a range of snacks. Entertainment will come in the shape of a saxophonist and a live recording of the “Nobody Panic” podcast.

The level of alcohol consumption may impact which side of the ship you say, just saying.

All misery of the UK weather aside, Gordon’s gin cruise is one way of commute to look forward to even if only for a couple of evenings.

To book you place visit Gordon’s Line here.

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Carla Nearchou