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The Bothy Experience Is the Perfect Match for a Gin Tasting Weekend

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Tucked away in the little village of Glamis in Angus, Scotland, there’s something really quite special.

It’s true that tourists will immediately think of Edinburgh and its historic landmarks, or Glasgow with its bustling vibe for a quick getaway but, gin lovers, we have found the perfect gin tasting weekend break.

Warm and Rustic Vibe

If you’re willing to swap city feels for a village vibe, this could be that secret escape you’ve been looking for.

The Bothy Experience is based very much on the concept of a ‘bothy’ in Scotland, otherwise known as a small hut or cottage for farm labourers.

Traditionally, it’s a basic shelter, a retreat for when weary travellers might be in need of four walls and a roof.

The Bothy Experience is suitably warm and inviting; gin bottles snugly hold onto candles that drip with warm wax, the interior is rustic and barn-like.

Tasting Experiences

enjoy the perfect gin tasting weekend with Gin Bothy

Apart from the wonderful, rustic interiors, one of the biggest draws to this experience will be the opportunity to sample gin (of course!)

The Bothy Experience offers a mini tasting experience which is a serve of Gin Bothy Classic Gin, Seasonal Fruit Gin and Fusion Gin of your choice, for £10 per person.

The tasting rooms themselves are available for booking, which is ideal for a private party.  In fact, booking is essential if you want to come here.

Gin isn’t the only attraction, however. You must try a Bothy Board for only £10, loaded with local food produce. Some of the ingredients are even available to buy in the experience’s shop.

Events in the Bothy

We’d recommend the perfect way to experience this as a weekend break would be to book into local accommodation, book an evening tasting (minimum of 8 people) or one of the Bothy’s special events, then tie in a visit to Glamis Castle.

glamis castle
Glamis is also famous for its castle

The Bothy Experience is running a number of events this winter, including wreath making, Burns Night and Christmas cocktails inspiration.

For further information or to book, contact Info@ginbothy.co.uk. 

The Bothy Experience is open Thursday – Sunday 11am – 5pm at Glamis Village, Glamis, Angus, Scotland. 

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