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Review: Cumberland Saucy Gin

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Cumberland Saucy Gin is a sweet and fruity gin with a subtle hint of spice. Infused with redcurrants and orange, this would be the perfect gin to enjoy during the festive season. 

A Little Bit of Background

Cumberland Saucy Gin is the first gin to be launched by Chestnut House in Cumbria. Chestnut House is a local and online store, boasting a range of over 250 gins.

With such an enormous number of gins in store (and being huge gin enthusiasts themselves) the team at Chestnut house decided to bring out a gin of their own. As a result, Cumberland Saucy Gin was born!

Now we know what you might be thinking: Cumberland Saucy sounds a lot like Cumberland Sausage. However, this gin is (thankfully) not full of pork flavour.

Instead, it contains the ingredients of the lesser known Cumberland Sauce – a local Cumbrian sauce made primarily from redcurrants and often served with roast meats.


The botanicals in Cumberland Saucy Gin mirror the ingredients in the famous Cumberland Sauce:

  1. Juniper
  2. Coriander
  3. Redcurrants
  4. Orange Peel
  5. Black Peppercorns
  6. Mustard Seeds

The Bottle

Cumberland Saucy Gin comes in a classically shaped bottle: short and sturdy, with curved shoulders. The label itself does leave a little to be desired but don’t let this put you off the spirit contained inside. As you will go on to read, this is a seriously tasty gin and deserves recognition as such.

The Perfect Serve(s)

We have two recommendations for how to serve this gin:

  • First, we suggest mixing simply with a premium tonic water, a wedge of orange and a handful of ice. Add a few redcurrants for an extra-Christmassy vibe.
  • The second perfect serve spices things up a bit from the usual G&Ts you would drink down the pub. Try mixing 50ml Cumberland Saucy Gin with Fentiman’s Sicilian Orange Tonic and a few peppercorns.

The Gin

On the Nose

First of all, this gin smells super fruity. The redcurrants and orange peel take the lead and fill your nostrils with the sweet scent of Cumberland Sauce. Get in a little deeper and hints of juniper creep through. Overall, a very inviting aroma.


Sipped on its own, the tart flavour of the redcurrants is unmistakable. This is joined by spicy hints from the coriander and mustard seed.

However, do not worry – this does not taste of mustard as we know it in the slightest. Piney juniper comes through on the finish, muddling well with the flavours of the Cumberland Sauce.

With Tonic

A premium tonic and a wedge of orange really allow this gin to come alive. The addition of tonic mellows out the flavours, allowing the black pepper and coriander to shine.

The orange brings out the citrus notes and further exaggerates the sweet, fruitiness of the redcurrant. Although there are a lot of bold flavours here, the taste of juniper is always present.

Lasting Impressions

Cumberland Saucy is a genuinely delicious gin. Compared to the rather basic-looking bottle that it comes in, its rich and tempting taste was a very pleasant surprise. It just goes to show, never judge a bottle by its cover!

If you are looking for a gin to serve up this Christmas, look no further. Pick up a bottle of Cumberland Saucy Gin on the Chestnut House website for £34.95.

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