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McQueen Gin Launches Clementine & Cinnamon Gin

clementine gin sainsburys

This autumn/winter, if it’s not Black Cherry & Vanilla Gin tempting our senses, it’s this new Clementine gin.

Both are the latest flavoured gin releases from McQueen Gin, who recently launched Black Cherry & Vanilla Gin in partnership with Morrisons.

The innovative distillery has once again partnered with a supermarket for Clementine & Cinnamon, only this time around it’s Sainsbury’s.

While Black Cherry is available nationwide, this fruit and spice offering is exclusively available in Scotland.

The gin is bottled in the distinctive glass bottle of the McQueen Gin brand showing off its wonderfully vibrant orange colour.

Its key botanicals will certainly bring festive vibes to mind. This Christmas, clementine gin and hot gin cocktails infused with cinnamon and spice is a hot trend in the gin world.

We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to try give it a little heat, but McQueen Gin themselves recommend serving it with Fever-Tree Tonic and finish with an orange peel swirl and a shard of cinnamon for the perfect seasonal serve.

So delicious!