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Aldi’s Christmas Gin Range Will Have You Feeling Festive in Just a Sip

Aldi Christmas gin 2019

Now that Halloween is safely behind us it’s time to fully focus on the festive season ahead. If, like us, you’re planning your gin purchases then you may want to take a look at the Aldi Christmas gin 2019 selection.

Out of all of Aldi’s bottles of festive fun, one of the most popular is their Infusionist brand Orange, Cranberry & Ginger Gin Liqueur.

It’s handcrafted in France and distilled only in small batches. This comforting drink is a combination of sweet orange and cranberry flavours are followed by a warming ginger spice finish.

A 50cl bottle won’t break the bank at £9.99, hopefully leaving some cash for presents or more gin!

Aldi Christmas gin 2019

Sweetness is the order of the day, as you would expect at Christmas time and it doesn’t get much sweeter than Aldi’s novelty gin liqueur, Candy Cane Gin Liqueur. Expect an evocative candy shop confectionery aroma, with a balanced sweet peppermint flavour and hints of smooth vanilla. Shake it to make it shimmer!

And if that’s not enough for all you sweet tooth gin drinkers you could try The Infusionist Gingerbread Flavour Gin Liqueur. This rich, fruity and spicy mix will remind you of home baking – one of the best aromas associated with the festive period.

If you’re after a gin as opposed to a gin liqueur then Aldi’s Spiced Plum & Clementine Gin could be a Christmassy contender. It’s a smooth, clean, light and refreshing gin with warm spiced notes and a rich plum flavour, followed by a sweet clementine finish.

Aldi Christmas gins 2019 are available in-store now or online with a price range of £9.99 – £15.99.

Images from Aldi

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