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Masterchef Finalist Dean Banks Has Launched Lunun Gin with Unique Citrus Flavours

Dean Banks Lunun Gin

Dean Banks, Scottish restaurant owner and finalist from last year’s Professional Masterchef, has just launched a brand new gin.

This latest launch comes in a long line of successes for the Masterchef contestant, who launched his first restaurant, Harr, in St Andrews earlier this year. Known for his bold fusion cooking style and love of combining unusual flavours, this gin is no exception.

Lunun Gin is distilled in Dean’s hometown of Angus, Scotland. It’s name is draws inspiration from Lunan Bay, which is often dubbed as “the finest beach in Angus”.

Inspired by his travels to over 40 countries around the world and his love of fusion, Lunun Gin includes 6 unique botanicals:

  • Kaffir Lime Leaf
  • Sea Buckthorne
  • Sichuan Pepper
  • Kombu Kelp
  • Ginger
  • Lemongrass

These ingredients are then combined in a single-fold distillation process. As a result, we have a deliciously citrusy premium gin, with a subtle, warming spice on the finish.

Dean Banks describes his product as a “no nonsense gin”. Distilled with flavour in mind, he doesn’t believe in insisting on perfect serves. So feel free to drink this neat, with tonic or even with lemonade – all he asks is that you garnish with lime to bring out those gorgeous citrus flavours.
Dean said “I’ve always wanted to create my own gin and it seems like the next natural step for me after establishing my restaurant in St Andrews. I wanted to create something that people judge solely on the taste and not the ‘hype’ that often comes with contemporary artisan gins – in fact, Lunun is the opposite to an artisan gin. There’s no smoke and mirrors with Lunun. People who appreciate a quality-tasting gin without any of the other nonsense will enjoy this one.”
Pick up a bottle of Lunun Gin at lunungin.com for £38.