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Review: Teasmith Growers Edition – Broich Single Estate Gin

Featured Image for Review: Teasmith Growers Edition - Broich Single Estate Gin

Teasmith Growers Edition, Broich Single Estate Gin is a limited edition release of their well-known, tea-infused gin. 

A Little Bit of Background

The Teasmith Gin Company is run by husband/wife team Nick and Emma Smalley in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Teasmith draws inspiration from the rich heritage of the North East of Scotland and it’s historic links to the tea trade. They are known for their trademark tea-flavoured gin, which is distilled with a blend of traditional gin botanicals and hand-picked tea.

Their Growers Edition, however, is something of a world-first. This is due to the fact that this is the very first gin in the world to use Scottish tea leaves as an ingredient. These tea leaves are handpicked at the Broich tea garden on the banks of the River Earn in Crieff, and give the gin it’s name.


  • Scottish tea leaves
  • Juniper
  • Coriander seeds
  • Orange peel
  • Lemongrass
  • Apple
  • Local Scottish honey
  • Almonds
  • Cinnamon

The Bottle

Teasmith’s bottle design is rather well-known in the gin world. In fact, just last month they won a Master Medal in Design & Packaging at the Global Spirits Masters. Their Growers Edition bottle has a very similar design to their original bottle. However, there are some subtle changes.

The short, wide bottle design and cork stopper are the same as their original bottle. While the Teasmith Original labelling is primarly white, the Growers Edition has accents of black, to differentiate. To finish the design, the geometric Teasmith logo is printed in an on-trend metallic copper lettering.

Teasmith Perfect Serve

The signature serve for this gin is as follows:

  • 50ml gin
  • 150ml premium tonic
  • A slice of fresh apple
  • Copious amounts of ice

Serve in a long glass. The apple will bring out the sweet and fruity notes in the tea.

Tasting Notes

On The Nose

Above all, this gin smells unmistakably tea-like. In fact, the moment that you pop the stopper, the fruity scent of tea leaves seeps out. Underneath the tea is a subtle, honey sweetness. Finally, more traditional gin aromas join the party, such as juniper and citrus.

Served Neat

Sipped neat, this is a surprisingly ginny gin. You would expect a gin made from tea leaves to taste overwhelmingly of tea, but this is very much not the case here. Of course, notes of sweet, fruity tea are present but, these are joined by citrusy notes from the orange peel and lemongrass. There is also a faint hint of spice from the coriander seed and a good amount of juniper on the finish.

With Tonic

Mixed with a premium tonic is where this gin really shines. The addition of tonic really brings out the deeper flavours of the tea, with earthy notes and hints of honey coming through. I had never tried a tea-flavoured gin before and wasn’t sure what to expect but, I would most certainly drink this gin again!

Lasting Impressions

Teasmith Growers Edition – Broich Single Estate Gin is a really unique, tasty gin that is a great addition to their portfolio. Those of you who like to try gins with something a bit different going on, or with a great story behind them, should definitely give this a try!

You can pick up a bottle of Teasmith Growers Edition – Broich Single Estate Gin at Gin Kin Shop for £35.