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Mini Mermaid Gin Is Here and It’s Simply Magical

Featured Image for Mini Mermaid Gin Is Here and It's Simply Magical
On the Wight © Supplied

If you’re looking for something simply magical to add to your gin collection, then good news: mini Mermaid Gin has arrived and they’re just as stunning as their larger counterparts.

According to On the Wight, Isle of Wight Distillery are releasing miniature versions of their award-winning bottles.

The bottle design is notable for its dreamy mermaid design, which recently came out on top in the ‘Spirits Artwork and Bottle Design’ category at the International 2019 Design Awards.

The gin typically comes in 70cl bottles and can be purchased either in mermaid blue (original) or as Mermaid Pink Gin. 

This latest addition to the range costs £5.95 each and are currently only available at select places on the Isle of Wight.

These include Lesley’s Nutshell in Ventnor or the IW Distillery Bar in Pondwell (the Wishing Well Inn).

If you live outside of the Isle of Wight, however, be sure to keep your eyes on the Isle of Wight Distillery’s website.

The brand currently has their own shop, as well as stockist information, so with a little magic the new additions could soon be available for all mermaid enthusiasts to enjoy!