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Mikkelmas Gin Is the Taste of Christmas Tradition

Mikkelmas gin
Orkney Gin Company

Like Christmas itself, Mikkelmas Gin from Orkney Gin Company is steeped in centuries of tradition. The Mikkelfeast, or the Feast of St Michael, was traditionally celebrated by Orcadians to mark the end of the harvest and the beginning of a long winter.

The tradition still exists today with many parishes hosting their own Harvest Home, a traditional supper and dance that lasts long into the night.

This multi award-winning gin captures the heart warming spirit of Mikkelmas with delicious mulled spices and a silky smooth finish.

Mikkelmas is made from seven times distilled premium grain spirit, and has been noted in many competitions as ground breaking and unique with its spicy yet incredibly smooth flavour profile, winning a highly sought after two stars in the Great Taste Awards.

The botanical list in the gin could hardly be more festive. Orange peel, cinnamon, secret mulled spices are all there alongside Orcadian heather berries and juniper berries.

This spiced Christmas gin tastes great with an Indian tonic. Garnish with orange to bring out the cinnamon and cloves.

The mulled spices in the botanical list make this the perfect base to have as part of a hot gin cocktail. Try the Mulled Mikkelmas, featured above, garnished with a cinnamon stick or orange peel.

For the ultimate Christmas gin cocktail try combining with Fever-Tree Clementine & Cinnamon Tonic Water. This will bring out the zingy orange flavours in the gin and tastes very refreshing with a thin slice of ginger to garnish.

Mikkelmas Gin (50cl) 41.3% ABV, is available to buy from the Gin Kin Shop priced at £32.