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Gin Trends 2020: We’ve Seen the Future and It’s Very Gin-Teresting

gin trends 2020

It’s been another record-breaking year in the world of gin.

Sales of gin in supermarkets and shops were worth almost £1bn during the last twelve months, an increase of 43% compared to the previous 12 months, while gin sales in pubs and bars increased by 56% over this time.

So we know you’re going crazy for gin but we’re going to dig a little deeper to find out the hottest gin trends of 2019.

And as a bonus we’re getting out the crystal ball to make predictions on what gin you’ll be drinking and how you’ll be drinking it.

2019 – The Big Gin Trends

Blood Orange Gin

gin trends 2020

A darker colour and an almost raspberry tinge to the flavour, blood orange gin is the new trendier cousin to the humble orange gin.

Beefeater released a blood orange gin early in the year to great acclaim and J.J Whitley launched a blood orange gin of their own soon after.

Gin in a Tin

Pre-mixed gin cans were all the rage this summer as brands raced to get their gin into handy on-the-go cans in time for festival season.

That Boutique-y Gin launched soda-pop style cocktail cans for summer, as did Aldi, ASDA, Eden Mill and many others. M&S released Christmas Gin & Tonic cans in time for the festive season.

M&S Snow Globe Gin

M&S Clementine Gin Liqueur (or Snow Globe Gin as it’s more commonly known) has proved to be as popular as it was frustrating.

It’s so popular that it sells out almost as soon as stocks arrive in-store. With the gorgeous gold flakes swimming around the bottle it’s easy to see why.

Retro Sweetie Flavoured Gin

cola cube gin recipe

Gin connoisseurs won’t like this trend but nostalgia was on the rise and sweet-tooth gin-lovers couldn’t get enough. Aldi teamed up with Didsbury Gin and Simon Wood to launch Tutti Frutti Gin Liqueur, whilst Raisthorpe released a Bubble Gum Gin.

Nostalgia fever also sparked a rise in people making their own sweetie flavoured gins such as home made Cola Cube Gin and Rhubarb & Custard Sweetie Gin.

Own Brand Supermarket Gins

gin trends 2020

The two German supermarkets Lidl and Aldi produced lots of gin this year. Among the best were Aldi’s Spiced Apple & Winter Berry Gin under their Greyson’s brand name and Lidl’s Violet & Blackberry Gin, released under their Hortus brand.

ASDA also released a Purple Berry Gin and Morrisons offered a shimmering Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur.

Watermelon Gin

watermelon gin cocktail

A contender for the taste of summer 2019 was surely watermelon gin; light, refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Two Birds Watermelon Gin was the pick of the bunch,with Verano Spanish Watermelon Gin another good option.

No/Low Alcohol Gin

There’s no doubting that year on year, people are searching for low or no alcohol alternatives and 2019 was a breakthrough year with more gin alternatives on the shelves than ever before.

Health food retailer was leading the way in this regard with the release of Ginish, a 0.5% alcohol, low-calorie, juniper-based alternative to gin.

Hot Gin Cocktails

More and more of you tried combining gin as part of hot gin cocktails. The UK winter temperatures remained as low as ever and people discovered this year that hot water bottles weren’t the only way to keep warm.

A particular favourite was Whitley Neill’s Rhubarb & Ginger Hot Ribena which was all kinds of comforting on so many levels.

Pink Gin

There’s simply no getting away from the steamroller that is pink gin. Year after year sales of pink gin continue to rise.

The variation is so popular that Prosecco’s regulatory body has given permission for wineries in the region to start making Pink Prosecco: excellent news for Gin Prosecco cocktails!

The pink gin highlight of the year had to be the launch of Mermaid Pink Gin and that bottle.

Rhubarb Gin

Like pink gin, rhubarb gin has become a constant, firm favourite of UK gin lovers. We can’t get enough; home made rhubarb gin is more popular than ever before.

Everyone who’s everyone seems to have a Rhubarb Gin: Whitley Neill, Warners, Edinburgh Gin, Slingsby, Jawbox, Foxdenton, the list goes on, we really are spoilt for choice.

Gin Trends 2020 – Our Top 6 Predictions

1. The return of violet gin

From its heyday a couple of years ago violet gin has taken a backseat to pink and rhubarb gin but sales have been steadily rising this year…

2. Gin and soda will be the latest thing

Pre-mixed gin and soda cans are doing brisk business in Australia right now and we can see the combination taking off in a big way in the UK come next summer.

3. Pink gin Prosecco cocktails will be all over your Instagram feed

From the start of next year you’ll see Pink Prosecco in the shops, having just been given the go-ahead by Prosecco’s regulatory body, so expect a pink gin Prosecco cocktail explosion.

4. The gin festival market will expand

Gin festivals provide a chance to try a number of different gins for a set ticket price and more customers and suppliers are getting involved each year. Gin festivals are usually indoors, therefore they can happen all year round. Expect to see events near you multiply.

5. Non-UK gins are ready to take over

The UK is currently the gin capital of the world but gins such as Ryan Reynolds’ American Aviation Gin are gaining publicity. Four Pillars Gin from Australia recently won International Gin Producer of the Year, proving the quality of non-UK gins.

6. Eco-gin will be huge

From re-fillable gin bottles to sustainably made gin, the green revolution is set to sweep the gin world as distilleries compete to be the most eco-friendly.