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Shimmery Raspberry & Rose Liqueur Is Here in Time for Valentine’s Day

raspberry & rose gin liqueur

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day-themed gin that will leave you with money left over to buy roses then Home Bargains could be coming to the rescue.

Raspberry & Rose Gin Liqueur is made by Manchester Drinks and will be sold exclusively in Home Bargains stores nationwide.

The gin liqueur is made with raspberry gin which makes it pink in colour, is subtly flavoured with rose and will appear to glitter when shaken up.

It’s highly likely the romanticlly-themed pink gin liqueur will a limited edition release so if you like the sound of it you’ll very likely have to be quick off the mark to bag yourself a bottle for Valentine’s Day.

raspberry & rose gin liqueur
Image: Anthony W Morrison

Makers Manchester Drinks suggest pairing Raspberry & Rose Gin Liqueur with Prosecco or Champagne as part of a gin and fizz cocktail.

We agree, there’s no better time to pair gin with fizz – it is a time for celebration and romance after all!

Manchester Drinks are no strangers to making gin liqueurs to suit the occasion, for Halloween they teamed up with Home Bargains to release a spooky-sounding Blood Orange Gin Liqueur.

Raspberry & Rose Gin Liqueur (50cl) 20% ABV, will be available for £8 in-store at Home Bargains stores nationwide from January 13th.