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Silent Pool Offer a Gin Refill Facility to Fill Up Your Empties

Silent Pool gin refill
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Silent Pool Gin recently announced the addition of a gin bottle refill machine to their distillery shop in Albury.

Sustainability in the gin sector is set to become a major gin trend of 2020 as distilleries compete to show off their green credentials and reduce their carbon footprint.

You’ll need to have a bottle of Silent Pool Gin to begin with of course, so once that is finished you can take your your empty and head over to the distillery shop – you even get to press the button!

The price of a refill is £34 plus Silent Pool gin make a 50p per bottle donation to the Silent Pool and woodland restoration project so it’s a double helping of eco-friendliness.

This latest sustainable initiative comes after Rock Rose introduced recylable gin pouches that can be ordered to your door and sent back once used to be recycled.

Bullards Gin are about to launch a similar scheme whereby flat-pack gin is posted in a small carboard box designed to fit through most letterboxes. Both Rock Rose and Bullards Gin utilise the service of Royal Mail – reducing carbon footprint – to send gin and return empties to be recycled.

If you’re looking for any Silent Pool merchandise to match your refilled gin bottle then Silent Pool glasses are a great shout.

The Silent Pool Distillery is located on Shere Road, Albury, Guildford, Surrey, GU5 9BW.