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10 Valentine’s Day Gins That Are Love at First Sip

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Valentine’s Day is a great chance to go that extra mile and show that special someone that you care and what could be more celebratory than a gin-based tipple or two?

Colour is important. A rich pink or red is synonymous with passion and could help set the tone for the evening.

Therefore we’ve picked bottles that have a rich, gorgeous colour, setting them apart from more traditional gin.

It’s not all about looks though – all the senses are important on this day of love, and so the taste of these gins is impeccable too. Fruity, floral and stunning to look at, these Valentine’s gins have got the lot.

Best Valentine’s Gins

  1. Apothecary Rose Gin

    Used in tinctures and tonics from eras gone by, the rose botanical contained in Apothecary Rose Gin is delicate in fragrance and naturally floral in flavour.

    The subtle pink hue of the gin makes it the perfect accompanyment to a romantic meal.

    50cl, 39% ABV. Buy now for £35.95.

  2. Selkie Gold Pink Gin

    Selkie Gold Pink Gin is the full strength expression of the Selkie Blush Pink Liqueur, both of which are produced at the Old Poison Distillery in Edinburgh.

    Just like the liqueur, it’s flavoured with Scottish strawberries, jasmine pearls and Italian Bergamot, though this one is bottled at a punchier 43% ABV.

    The glorious pinkness is a natural reaction from the infusion of the strawberries and is sure to impress at any dinner date.

    50cl, 43% ABV. Buy now for £29.95.

  3. Kintyre Pink Gin

    Kintyre Pink Gin is uniquely distilled with Scottish raspberries and oats, giving it a delicate fruity flavour with a creamy finish.

    Naturally coloured with raspberry concentrate and sustainablly produced using the distillery’s own renewable energy this gin is full of goodness – what could be more romantic than that?

    50cl, 40% ABV. Buy now for £30.

  4. Pinkster Royale Gin Liqueur

    Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating and we can’t think of many better ways than raising a glass of a Pinkster Royale and Prosecco cocktail.

    Made from gin-soaked, recycled raspberries, Pinkster Royale is guaranteed to give your cocktails a delicious raspberry hit. Best of all, there’s no added sugar.

    35cl, 24% ABV. Buy now for £25.

  5. Gin Bothy Strawberry Gin Liqueur

    Strawberries have been considered an aphrodisiac since the times of ancient Rome – plus they even look like hearts so you can’t go wrong getting strawberries involved on Valentine’s Day.

    Fresh Scottish strawberries are what gives this liqueur its rich colour and vibrant flavour.

    50cl, 20% ABV. Buy now for £26.

  6. Pin Gin Premium Pink

    It could be love at first sip with Pin Gin Premium Pink, a delicious pink gin, offering a sweet nose with a dry finish.

    With strawberry and lavender in the botanicals it’s a treat for all the senses.

    70cl, 40% ABV. Buy now for £35.

  7. Strawberry & Candy Floss Gin

    If you or your Valentine’s date are a fan of sweet gin then you’re in for an absolute treat with Chesterfield Strawberry Candy Floss Gin.

    Infused with Strawberry juiciness, and a hearty whack of candy floss, with this gin on the table you may not need a dessert!

    70cl, 40% ABV. Buy now for £39.

  8. Pinkster

    The beautfiul pink bottle of one of the best-known pink gins is sure to be one of the most popular Valentine’s gin gifts this year.

    Whilst looking fabulous it also tastes incredible – made from real raspberries it’s deliciously dry with an exceptionally smooth finish.

    70cl, 35% ABV. Buy now for £35.

  9. Pink Gin

    The English Drinks Company’s Pink Gin is inspired by the classic pink gin created by the Royal Navy which became so fashionable in England in the mid-19th century.

    Pink Gin adds a modern twist, using pomegranate to create a pink colour that has romance written all over it.

    70cl, 40% ABV. Buy now for £35.

  10. Twisted Gin Valentine's Gift Set

    This Valentine’s gin gift set includes both of Twisted Gin’s award winning expressions and two bottles Fever-Tree tonics for the perfect serve.

    This set is currently a bargain price of £55, reduced from £90. And what’s more, it’s all beautifully packaged so you don’t have to!

    Was £90, now £55.