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The M&S Heart-Shaped Cucumber Is the Most Romantic of G&T Garnishes

M&S love cucumber
Marks & Spencer

First came the Love Sausage and now Marks & Spencer has created the Love Cucumber, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you remember, the Love Sausage, when cut, produced heart-shaped sausage slices and the Love Cucumber does exactly the same, albeit in a vegan-friendly way.

Cucumber is a popular garnish for G&Ts, with Hendrick’s perhaps most famously utilising the sliced cucumber garnish.

It’s not just for Hendrick’s, however, pink gin cocktails such as the Pink Martini also benefit from the classy garnish.

Cucumber can be used as a cool and refreshing garnish in practically any G&T, so simply pick your Valentine’s gin, get chopping the M&S Love Cucumber and be prepared for extra brownie points from the recipient of the romantic drink.

M&S are calling the specially-grown fruit a world-first due to its apparently unique heart shape. They were specially cultivated in moulds on one of the M&S Select Farms in Kent.

M&S Agronomist Guy Grimshaw said in a release: “Our customers really get into the spirit on Valentine’s Day and love the innovative new products we bring out each year.

“This year it’s not only about the famous Love Sausage… But the new Love Cue is sure to bring a smile to our customers faces. Slice it and add to a G&T and celebrate this Valentine’s Day in style.”

The M&S Love Cucumber costs £1 and is a (very) limited-edition product, available only in 94 of the biggest M&S stores across the country.