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Honey Bee Blossom Gin Is a Sweet Spirit with Floral Notes

Honey Bee Blosson Gin
Poetic License

Poetic license Honey Bee Blossom Gin is the latest in the line of the ‘Rarities’ collection – number 12 to be precise.

The sweetness from bee pollen leads a floral and honey flavoured gin. Jasmine and Orange Blossom provide a fragrant and light floral note which is supported by a sweet honey note from bee pollen.

The presence of basil supports the juniper and provides a dry, crisp finish that means this is still very much a gin that can be enjoyed as a gin and tonic.

You’ll have to ‘bee’ quick to get your hands on this gin as it’s a limited edition creation with only 500 bottles produced.

The distillers Poetic License use a traditional production method that, although labour instensive, means they can ensure high quality craft spirits.

They hand-crush botanicals, macerate and then boil them to gently and gradually release the flavours.

Poetic License suggest a perfect serve of premium Mediterranean tonic water, with plenty of ice and a twist of orange peel to garnish.

Honey Bee Blossom Gin is a limited edition 500 bottle batch available to buy from the Poetic License website.