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Cantium Gin Is the World’s First Gin in a Reusable Flask

cantium gin reusable flask

You may not have heard of Cantium Craft Gin but that’s probably because they are a very new gin brand with a different philosophy from most.

They are trying to do something a little bit different, both to stand out in a crowded marketplace, and to help the environment.

Eco-friendly gin is one of the biggest gin trends of 2020 and Cantium Gin are bringing something new to the party.

With sustainability in mind Cantium Gin have launched what they describe as “the world’s first gin in a flask.”

The bottle, or flask, looks sleek and stylish and has a double lined stainless steel wall and rubber gasket that keeps hot beverages warm for up to 15 hours and cold ones cold for longer.

But more impressively than that, it’s re-usable, meaning that when the gin is gone you’ll have a bottle with cooling and heat-holding technology to use for going to the gym, on holiday or simply for day-to-day use.

If you don’t fancy finding a new use for the bottle then you can return the Cantium Gin reusable flask to the distillery, where they’ll recycle it, in exchange for a discount against your next purchase.

Cantium is the Roman word for Kent and the logo is based on a Roman mosaic tile found near the Cantium Distillery.

The gin uses locally sourced Kentish ingredients including cobnuts, apple, blackberry, lavender, hops and roasted chestnuts.

The subtitle on the bottle ‘From the Garden of England’ is used for good reason – Cantium Gin is a true taste of Kent in a bottle.

Cantium Gin commented: “In an increasingly environmentally conscious world where there’s no future in single use packaging, we believe Cantium Gin will appeal to stylish millennials who are looking for sustainable solutions.”

Cantium Gin reusable flask is available for £40 on the Cantium Gin website.