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York Gin Is Organising a National G&T Evening and You’re All Invited

york gin friday night gin
York Gin/Shutterstock

York Gin wants to get the nation together (in our seperate living rooms of course) for a night of gin-related fun and a few G&Ts.

‘Friday Night Gin’ is a Facebook gin event that coincides with the most popular time of the week for a G&T.

The evening begins at 6pm, 3 April, on York Gin’s Facebook page.

York Gin says it wants to help people remember what day it is and keep up morale – by getting gin lovers to pour themselves a G&T and test their gin knowledge in an online quiz.

Friday Night Gin will also include tips on getting the most out of your home-made G&T and an entertaining short history of gin. Viewers can get their questions answered by the company’s gin experts.

york gin friday night gin

One lucky participant will be picked at random to win a gin prize, and everyone who joins will get a discount code for the company’s online shop just before the end.

Friday Night Gin host Susannah Baines explained: “As well as working in the York Gin shop, I’m an actor. So I’m really looking forward to doing some performing for a gin-loving audience.

“I’ll give a brief (and hopefully entertaining) history of gin and a bit about getting the most out of your gin. Then we’ll have the quiz and answer any questions. Hopefully it’ll provide some light relief during a really stressful time.”

The event is free but viewers can donate to one of York Gin’s favourite charities, the local St Leonard’s Hospice, whose fundraising efforts have been hit by the coronavirus lockdown.

For more gin-related fun, take a look at York Gin’s attempt to create the world’s best gin joke collection.

Check out York Gin’s Facebook page for more information on the Friday Night Gin event.