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People Are Sharing Their Gin ‘Shelfies’ During Lockdown and They Are Epic

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Anthony Brimacombe

Lockdown can be tough but gin can be our friend in more ways than one. There are any number of gin activities to do on lockdown, but a recent trend sees gin lovers taking their time to get their gin collection looking tip top.

From a humble gin shelves, to gin cabinets and home gin bars, people are using their spare time to spruce up their gin collection and are sharing the results with others online.

Gin collections that make the most of tiny spaces are equally as impressive as huge walls of gin, but really, with this trend, the more you have the better.

Gin ‘shelfies’ are all the rage right now and you can even pair it with some funky gin-based home accessories to really make it feel like home.

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of space (and a lot of gin) then you could try dedicating a a couple of cabinets to your collection, such as how @ginderalladreams has split her gin collection either side of a lovely baby blue drinks cabinet.


ISOLATION GIN GOALS 💃🎉🍸Credit: instagram.com/ginderelladreams/

Posted by Popaball on Sunday, 3 May 2020

@mothers_ruined_gin has had the fab idea to intersperse her impressive collection of full-size bottles with miniatures. The little mini bottles look too cute next to the big ones.


A recent trend that has emerged is the #ginbottlerainbow. The idea was floated by @ginsquares on Instagram and the idea is to replicate the #RainbowForNHS artwork that we’ve seen popping up across the country as a tribute to our incredible NHS staff.

The gin rainbows look spectacular and are best arranged somewhere they can be seen like a window ledge, so the message of goodwill can be seen by others.

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#ginbottlerainbow #rainbowsforthenhs🌈

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