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A Dalgona Coffee and Gin Is the Ultimate Pick-Me-Up Cocktail

dalgona coffee and gin
Piston Gin

Being cooped up in lockdown has encouraged people to get creative at home. Kitchen trends, such as baking banana bread, have emerged as people make use of a little more time on their hands.

The latest trend to hit British kitchens is the Dalgona coffee.¬†The results can look like something a trained Barista would produce and it’s really easy to do at home. The drink is made by whipping two teaspoons of instant coffee together with equal measures of sugar and hot water.

But, as with most things in life, it’s better with gin. West Midlands gin makers Piston Gin have come up with a recipe that is sure to put a spring in your step.

Gin and coffee cocktails have been a godsend recently – a little treat amidst a torrent of gloomy news.

To make your own Dalgona coffee and gin you’ll need Piston Coffee Infused Gin, 50g coffee, 50g sugar and 50ml hot water. Combine the non-gin ingredients and stir, stir and stir some more until the mixture is thick and creamy.

Add milk to a glass with ice then pour in 25ml of Coffee Infused Gin and top with the whipped coffee mixture. And voila, you have a trendy and delicious gin and coffee drink to get you through the day. Some people even add chocolate powder on top for an even sweeter treat.

Piston Coffee Infused Gin is available to buy from the Gin Kin Shop.