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3 Gin and Jam Cocktails That Will Upgrade Your Picnic Game

gin and jam
Piston Gin

Jam is not just for kids and sandwiches, you can do some really creative things with preserves in your cocktails.

For a grown up twist on a simple food classic, all you need to do is pick your favourite gin below and grab some basic ingredients out of the fridge.

You can serve your cocktail in whatever glass you fancy, but nothing beats a handled jar, fresh fruit and a full spread of your foodie favourites on the side as the ultimate outdoor treat for one on a sunny day.

Best Gin and Jam Cocktails

  1. Pinkster Gin 'n' Jam


    • • 50ml Pinkster
    • • 10ml Lemon juice
    • • Large spoon of Pinkster Gin Jam


    1. 1. Fill shaker with ice and add ingredients.
    2. 2. Serve over crushed ice and garnish with second spoon of jam and a raspberry.
  2. Piston Gin and Jam


    • • 50ml Piston Distinguished London Dry Gin
    • • 20ml Lemon juice
    • • 1 heaped tbsp of your favourite jam
    • • 1 x Egg white
    • • Fresh fruit to serve (we picked strawberry to match our jam)


    1. 1. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker.
    2. 2. Shake thoroughly over ice until the egg white is frothy.
    3. 3. Fine strain through a sieve into a glass filled with ice.
    4. 4. Garnish with fresh fruit.
  3. Rock Rose Gin Jam


    • • 50ml Rock Rose Gin
    • • 20ml Lemon juice
    • • 1 tsp jam
    • • Dash of egg white
    • • Garnish: jam


    1. 1. Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice
    2. 2. Shake really hard to create a meringue like texture
    3. 3. Double strain over cubed ice into a rocks glass
    4. 4. Garnish with a wee spoon of jam

    Recipe by Ben from Orchid Bar in Aberdeen.