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5 Globally-Inspired Gins You Should Try This World Gin Day

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World Gin Day may have to be celebrated differently this year but the ethos remains the same: to enjoy and discover different gins from all over the world.

The countries that consume the most gin are found in Europe. Spain, the UK, Netherlands and Belgium all topping the gin guzzling charts. The UK is the world leader in gin production with over 700 varieties being produced.

In recent years non-European gin markets have been on the rise, with Australia, U.S, India and Japan increasing both production and consumption.

As gin increases in popularity all over the globe and in celebration of World Gin Day, we thought we’d pick put some of our favourite globally-inspired gins to give you a flavour of how world diversity influences gin making.

  1. Australia: Brookie's Byron Dry Gin

    Brookie’s Dry Gin comes all the way from Australia and was co–created with one of the world’s most awarded Master Distillers and Hall of Fame entry, Jim McEwan (creator of the Botanist).

    The gin is hand-crafted on a farm and distilled at the Cape Byron Distillery with native botanicals foraged from the heart of the regenerated rainforest in Byron Bay.

    Brookie’s Gin contains 25 botanicals, of which 17 are native to the Northern Rivers region of Byron Bay.

  2. Costa Rica: Samara Gin

    Samara Gin is a premium hand-crafted London Dry gin that’s made in the UK at the Yorkshire Dales Distillery, but is inspired by Costa Rica.

    The creators of Samara Gin, co-founders Eduardo & Ana, have taken inspiration from the botanicals and flowers of their homeland and brought them together with the British expertise in gin distillation.

    Hibiscus, rose and elderflower are abundant in Costa Rica and give their uplifting and fragrant personality to Samara Gin.

  3. Japan: Japanese Gin

    Although made in Cambridge, Japanese Gin is the world’s first gin to focus solely on Japanese botanicals.

    Cambridge Distillery’s Master Distiller became enamoured with Japan’s exciting and unusual flavours of shiso leaf, sesame seeds, sansho pepper and yuzu which have been incorporated into the gin.

    Each bottle of Japanese Gin is screen-printed by hand in Cambridge: the distillery dog Darcy, found on every bottle of gin they produce, faces to the right on Japanese Gin – as facing “forward” is considered fortuitous in Japanese culture.

  4. Orkney, Scotland: Mikklemas

    The Mikkelfeast, or the Feast of St Michael was traditionally celebrated by Orcadians from the 29th Sep – 12th Oct. This celebration marked the end of the harvest and the beginning of a long winter.

    Mikkelmas ia a mulit-award winning gin which is made from seven times distilled premium grain spirit, and has been noted in many competitions as ground breaking and unique with its spicy yet smooth flavour profile.

  5. Australia: Ink Gin

    Ink Gin, from Australia’s Husk Distillery, is the world’s first all-natural colour changing gin.

    The unique and award winning floral-infused gin is pot distilled in small batches with 13 organic, native & exotic botanicals and infused with butterfly pea flower petals.

    Normally used in herbal tea, these petals are pH sensitive, changing colour from their natural indigo to pink when mixed with tonic water, lemon or lime juice.