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Australian Gin Is on the Rise and These Are the Best Options Oz Has to Offer

australian gin

In 2013 the Australian gin industry offered around 10 different gins and was a fairly insignificant player on the global stage. Back then you’d have been hard pressed to source an Australian gin outside of Australia.

Fast forward seven years to 2020 and there are now over 500 varieties of Australian gin, with many available at the click of a button.

If you’re interested in trying Australia’s finest, here are some of the best the country has to offer.

Best Australian Gin

  1. Brookie's Gin

    The Cape Byron Distillery, who make Brookie’s Gin, was awarded the ‘Sustainable Distillery of the Year’ at the Icons of Gin Awards 2020 in London.

    Over 30 years ago, owners Pam & Martin Brook bought a run-down dairy farm in New South Wales and turned it into the thriving ecosystem it is today by planting over 35,000 native subtropical rainforest trees.

    Brookie’s Byron Dry, Brookie’s Slow Gin (made from plums) and Mac – a macademia liqueur are the quality gins the distillery has on offer.

    The full range of Brookie’s Gins are available to buy from the Gin Kin Shop.

  2. Ink Gin

    The story behind Ink Gin began back in 2012 when distiller Paul Messenger experimented with an exotic flowering legume from Thailand known as the ‘Butterfly Pea’.

    Messenger spent the next three years creating a recipe that would harmonise a range of botanicals, including the native Australian bush tucker, with colour changing properties of the Butterfly Pea.

    Ink Gin is made in a hand-beaten copper pot still at the Husk Plantation Distillery, near Brisbane, where it is combined with 100% Australian grain spirit.

    Ink Gin can be purchased from the Gin Kin Shop.

  3. Four Pillars Gin

    Back in 2013, when Australian gin was but a twinkling of the global star it would become, three mates and a copper still called Wilma started producing gin under the name Four Pillars.

    Six years later, and with the addition of three copper still sisters for Wilma, the brand was named the world’s leading gin producer by the IWSC in London in 2019.

    Four Pillars Gin offer four varieties: Shiraz Gin, Spiced Negroni Gin, Navy Strength Gin and Rare Dry Gin.

  4. Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin

    If you’re looking for a critically acclaimed Australian Gin, this is it.

    Top awards include World’s Best International Contemporary Gin, World’s Best Spirits Packaging, Australia’s Best Gin and Gold Medals at San Francisco World Spirits Competition (USA), Global Gin Masters (London) & International Wine & Spirits Awards (London).

    All the Archie Rose gins contain native botanicals and are each uniquely infused and individually distilled in a copper pot still at the Archie Rose Distillery in Sydney.

  5. The West Winds Gin

    The award winning Australian gins just keep coming. The West Winds Gin lays claim to being ‘Australia’s most awarded gin’.

    West Winds Gin started in 2010 with a mission to create premium products whilst respecting the local environment.

    Botanicals such as bush tomatoes, Davidson plums, limes, lemons, coriander, sloe berries and sea parsley are some examples of the environmentally sustainable botanicals sourced from local suppliers.