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Here’s How You Can Create a Pornstar Martini at Home with Gin

pornstar martini recipe

Few cocktails say ‘sexy’ quite like the Pornstar Martini does. This fun and evocative drink is one of the UK’s most popular cocktails, originally invented by cocktail writer and founder of the (now closed) LAB and Townhouse bars in London, Douglas Ankrah.

Created as a way to get his clientele out of their comfort zone by ordering something bold and cheeky, he considered the combination of passion fruit and a vanilla-flavoured spirit a match made in heaven.

Ankrah’s original recipe consisted of vanilla vodka, passion fruit liqueur and passion fruit purée, shaken and served up with a sidecar shot of Champagne. Yet, the popular tipple can actually be created with a vanilla-based gin instead.

In fact, according to Sir Edmond Gin, a Bourbon vanilla infused gin can give a warm length to your Pornstar Martini which keeps you sipping…

So how do you go about making the perfect Pornstar Martini at home? It’s time for a gin-based update on a true classic.

Pornstar Martini Recipe, with Sir Edmond Gin

pornstar martini recipe
Sir Edmond Gin


  • 45ml Sir Edmond Gin
  • 15ml Passoã or De Kuyper passion fruit liqueur
  • 60ml Passion fruit purée
  • Vanilla sugar
  • Champagne (on the side)


  1. Cool your Martini glass
  2. Pour 45ml of Sir Edmond Gin into a shaker
  3. Add 15ml of Passoã or De Kuyper passion fruit liqueur
  4. Add 60ml of passion fruit purée
  5. Sprinkle 2 barspoons of vanilla sugar on top
  6. Shake, pour into cooled Martini glass and garnish with half a passion fruit
  7. Don’t forget the sidecar of Champagne (intended to alternate with the cocktail as a palate cleanser)