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One of the UK’s Biggest Gin Festivals Has Announced New 2020 Dates

gin to my tonic 2019
The Gin to My Tonic

With lockdown beginning to ease across the UK, it’s good news for gin lovers missing a taste of their local gin festival.

One of the UK’s biggest gin shows, The Gin to My Tonic, has announced it will once again tour the nation with new dates from October.

The news follows an announcement from the UK Government allowing indoor events and conferences to resume from October 1 providing rates of infection from coronavirus “remain at current levels.”

All indoor events, however, will have to introduce new measures that adhere to social distancing rules. These include booking in advance, contactless registration systems, reduced capacity inside the venue and the inclusion of sanitising facilities.

The Gin to My Tonic Festival is one of the UK’s biggest gin shows.

The gin show has promised to create a safe yet fun experience with COVID-19 secure venues and to cap attendance to avoid overcrowding.

Attendees can also expect flexibility on their booking. You can email the festival prior to the start of the event to have your tickets transferred to the next available date.

“We can’t wait to be reunited with gin lovers old and new and continue our epic journey of gin discovery, however, we’ll of course be taking the appropriate steps to welcome you back safely, and at a time that is right for you,” the festival wrote on their Facebook page. 

“We are committed to creating the best possible experiences for our guests, and can only thank you for your continued kindness, understanding, patience and support.”

Tickets are available at The Gin to My Tonic website and includes dates in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Brighton.