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An Outdoor Gin Cinema Is Coming to These UK Cities This Summer

outdoor gin cinema

If there is one way that the experience of an outdoor cinema event could be enhanced, it’s with the addition of gin.

Luckily for us then, Nightflix Gin Cinema has created just such an event – and it’s touring UK cities.

Nightflix have teamed up with Schweppes to provide an immersive outdoor gin festival & cinema experience, screening classic films on a huge outdoor inflatable screen.

Schweppes will provide the mixers to over 20 Gins on sale throughout the event, including a fully stocked bar of soft drinks for non gin drinkers.

The films beings screened include cult classics such as Grease, Mean Girls, Hairspray, A Star is Born and Edward Scissorhands.

The 20 scheduled nights are a chance for guests to watch some of their favourite films on huge outdoor screens, whilst sipping a refreshing gin cocktail.

The Nightflix Gin Cinema locations will be in Scarborough, Leicester, Stockport, Nottingham, Milton Keynes and Kent amongst others.

The events are designed to be safe for the audience including social distancing, temperature checks upon arrival and track and trace in place to ensure the safety of all guests.

Nightflix Gin Cinema owner John Sullivan said: “People are craving safe outdoor activities, shared summer experiences and the chance to enjoy a film on the big screen again.

“We want our guests to be able to have all of these in a way that is first and foremost, safe.”

For more information and to buy tickets visit the Nightflix website.