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This Cherry Gin Recipe Tastes as Sweet as It Looks

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For a simple cherry gin recipe that will tantalise your taste buds, look no further.

Morello cherries aren’t the go-to cherry when eating raw but their deep sour flavour makes them perfect for infusing in jam, sauces and in this case, gin.

Fresh Morello cherries are quite hard to find in UK supermarkets. If you can’t get them fresh then frozen ones will also work in a cherry gin recipe, and are much easier to pick up.

The longer the cherries mature in the gin, the better it will taste. Don’t be tempted to drink before the three month mark to guarantee a full flavour.

You don’t need a premium gin in this recipe as the flavour is going to be altered beyond recognition but don’t go for the cheapest either. A half decent London Dry will suffice.

Cherry Gin Recipe

You will need a sterilised 1 litre (at least) Kilner jar or wide necked bottle


  • 450g Morello cherries
  • 75cl Bottle of medium quality gin
  • 100g White granulated sugar

cherry gin recipe


  1. Wash Morello cherries thoroughly and discard stems and any bruised fruit. Place cherries in either a large Kilner jar or a wide necked 1 litre bottle.
  2. Use a funnel to add the sugar and top up with gin to the rim.
  3. Shake the bottle every day until the sugar is dissolved and then store in a cool, dark place for at least three months.
  4. Strain and bottle ready to serve.

Suggested serve is to pour the gin over some ice and mix your favourite tonic water. Why not add some mint in there as well for garnish if you’re feeling a bit fancy?

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