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From One-Off to Best Value: 9 of the Best Gin Subscription Services

gin subscription services

If you love gin as much as we do you might be considering one of the many gin subscription services available. Simply sign up and each month you can get the best gin sent straight to your door.

Often gin will be bundled with all sorts of goodies, helping you to find the best garnish and the perfect mixers, hitting that gin sweet spot without the frustrating trial and error of high street shopping.

Now you can enjoy a gin surprise or two from the comfort of your own home, often at a great price. Here we rate the very best available.


gin subscription services microbar

MicroBarBox have both a monthly gin club and cocktail box, for those who like to experiment with their tipples.

The monthly gin club looks to introduce you to new gins from brands you may not have experienced before, as well as suggesting exciting ways to enjoy them.

If you prefer, you can also enjoy a cocktail box with 4-5 new cocktail experiences each month that combines mixers with instructions on how to mix the cocktails.

What Do You Get?

Each box contains between 8 and 14 units of alcohol with an array of artisan mixers. One-off gift boxes available.

Price: £32 + (£2.95 p&p) every 1 month

Visit the Microbarbox website for more info.  

Little Gin Box

gin subscription services

The neat bottles inside each Little Gin Box pack a punch. The selection is spot-on, featuring craft gins from all over the UK like Orkney, Salcombe and Yorkshire.

This is a particularly great choice if you want a cheap treat for yourself, or you’re gifting it to a friend or family member.

What Do You Get?

Two 50ml bottles of gin, tasting notes and distiller’s view.

Price: £10. Payment options: Monthly, 3/6/12 months or rolling subscription option. 

Visit the Little Gin Box website for more info. 

Craft Gin Club

gin subscription services

With almost 4,500 members, this is the number one gin subscription club in the UK. And it’s easy to see why. Receiving a full-size bottle of gin every month (or every second month), this is perfect for gin lovers who wish to share a drink with friends.

The snacks and treats enhance the package, giving you all the ingredients you need for a fabulous, and possibly pretty drunk, night in.

What Do You Get?

A full-size bottle of gin, a selection of tonics, mixers, foodie treats and a 28-page magazine.

Price: £40, free delivery to everywhere in the UK. Payment options: Monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly.

Visit the Craft Gin website for more info. 

Think Gin Club

gin subscription box

Boasting the best gin brands in the UK and beyond, subscribers receive a different, full-size bottle of gin every month. As well as your monthly gin fix, you also get complimentary gin gifts in every box.

There’s no big contract with this one – you can cancel any time or pause your membership indefinitely, making it perfect for commitment-phobes.

What Do You Get?

A full-size bottle of gin, complimentary mixers and snacks, tasting notes and cocktail recipes.

Price: £40. Payment options: Monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly.

Visit the Think Gin Club website for more info. 

I Love Gin

If you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of gin subscription services then I Love Gin is a fairly inexpensive entry level candidate.

Not only do you get gin, tonic, mixers and a recipe booklet, but members will also gain access to exclusive competitions and discounts on full price bottles from the online store.

What Do You Get?

Two great gins from unique distilleries and two tonics or mixers to perfectly complement the gin, making 4 delicious G&Ts.

You’ll also get a recipe booklet with the perfect serve, garnish, and the story of the drink.

Price: £14 per month, free delivery.

Visit the I Love Gin website for more info.


What sets InterGIN apart is that they have their very own resident gin expert (known as a Ginsarian) who carefully curates each delivery.

Think of them as the know-it-all barman in the trendy gin bar who can steer you to the very best flavour pairings. If you want to push the boat out and have a few surprises in your gin delivery, consider this option.

What Do You Get?

Each delivery contains a full bottle of craft gin, paired tonics, garnishes, as well as delightful seasonal gin related gifts, nibbles and surprises.

Price: £39. Payment options: Monthy, bi-monthly and quarterly. Free delivery.

Visit the InterGIN website for more info.

Craft 56 Scottish Gin Club

Scotland is a world leader in gin production so if you’re looking to concentrate your gin subscription services north of the border then Craft 56 Scottish Gin Club might just fit the bill.

The Craft 56 gin connoisseurs source the finest craft gin from independent producers across Scotland and then deliver it to your door. You’ll also get a free gin glass in your first delivery to start you off on your gin journey.

What Do You Get?

You’ll usually recieve a 70cl bottle of Scottish premium craft gin, however in cases of gins of exceptional quality a 50cl bottle may be provided.

Tonics or mixers (Scottish wherever possible), handmade sweet treats made especially to complement the gin and tasting notes with serving suggestions are all included.

Price: £40. Payment options: Monthy, bi-monthly and quarterly. Free delivery.

Visit the Craft 56 Scottish Gin Club website for more info.

Secret Garden Gin Club

If the idea of being part of a very exclusive club appeals then the magic of the Secret Garden Gin Club could be calling to you.

Featuring gin that can’t be bought anywhere else, the monthly delivery will contain specially selected seasonal gins such as Red Red Rose for Valentine’s Day and a festive, Christmas Spice for December.

What Do You Get?

A unique, limited edition 20cl gin and the perfect mixer to accompany. You’ll also recieve freshly harvested garnishes from Edinburgh’s Secret Herb Garden, a plot which is home to over 600 different naturally grown and tendered herbs.

Price: £25 a month. Free delivery to UK mainland.

Visit the Secret Garden Gin Club website for more info.

Sipsmith Sipping Society

If you are considering giving the gift of gin subscription then the immaculately presented Sipsmith Sipping Society deliveries are sure to impress.

Every two months members will receive two new unique creations from the popular gin brand which are unavailable to buy anywhere else.

What Do You Get?

Two brand new 20cl bottles every two months. Previous expressions have included Hot Cross Bun Gin and Strawberries & Cream Gin Liqueur.

Price: £39 for a bi-monthly subscription.

Visit the Sipsmith Sipping Society website for more info.