Christina Miller

I grew up in a Dutch distillery

Back in 1975, Fred van Zuidam created Dutch Courage – a bold, courageous gin distilled using traditional Dutch methods in the heart of the Netherlands. Roll forward 42 years and the distillery is now in the very capable hands of Fred’s son, Patrick van Zuidam. A master distiller himself, Patrick shares his father’s work ethic, […]

Three passionate Greek women inspired by a Scotsman – meet the Three Graces

  Please tell us who the Three Graces are… We are Lila, Hara and Katerina, three passionate Greek women inspired by a Scotsman. Four people, two companies, sharing the same philosophy, passion and values. We have all been working in the drinks industry for years but we have different backgrounds and experience. Amazingly, we have […]

Combining chemistry and creative art at Durham Distillery

Meet Jess, the 28 year old distiller and mastermind behind a range of quality spirits launched by Durham Distillery. Starting her journey with a five year Masters in Chemistry, Jess quickly moved onto a one year Masters in Brewing and Distilling before landing herself a job in a lab along the way. When asked what […]

The magic gin that changes colour when you add tonic

Crafter’s – the label that launched the first premium London Dry gin from Estonia in 2015 – has created a new family member: Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin. This brand new gin is definitely one to impress your friends (or your Instagram followers) with. Due to the rosehip blooms, it’s naturally copper coloured – so, when […]

Reader Review: Caorunn distillery tour

One of our readers, Rebecca Moncrieff, got in touch to tell us about her tour of the Caorunn Distillery last week. Of course, we love a good distillery tour so we spoke to Rebecca to find out what she thought of her experience. What were your first impressions? We arrived at the distillery in glorious […]

Meet the 21-year-old gin distiller from Pitlochry

Meet Helen, the genius behind Badvo, the 100% foraged from farm Perthshire gin.   We could start off by telling you where to buy Badvo gin, but that wouldn’t be fair. You see, it’s completely sold out for the first month of production, and as you’ll read, it’s so good, we’d only be teasing you […]

Monster Munch Vermouth

MONSTER MUNCH VERMOUTH Makes: about 350ml (12fl oz) Ingredients: 1 packet pickled onion Monster Munch; 350ml (12fl oz) Regal Rogue Daring dry vermouth; 100ml (3½fl oz) filtered water. Method: Add all the ingredients to a large vac bag and seal it to the maximum pressure without spillage. Leave at room temperature for 4 hours to infuse. […]

How to make a modern cocktail at home

Ever wondered how to make the perfect cocktail at home? The Modern Cocktail is a new recipe book written by one of London’s most reputed cocktail connoisseurs, Matt Whiley. (Matt was named as one of The Evening Standard’s top 1000 most influential Londoners, and his bar, Peg + Patriot, was voted as most creative bar […]


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