REVIEW: McQueen Forest Fruits Gin, from Aldi

Sweet ‘n’ bitter, fizzy and refreshing, there’s so much more to Forest Fruits gin than meets the eye.

A little bit of background

From Callandar, Scotland, McQueen Gin burst onto the scene in 2016, turning heads with their range of flavoured gins at great quality. Think Mocha, Sweet Citrus, and Chocolate Mint to name a few!

They’ve also brought wonderful design to the industry with their embossed bottles, which won World’s Best Gin Design at the World Gin Awards 2018.

Most recently, the duo, Vicky and Dale, have partnered with a few supermarkets to release new gin.

Forest Fruits is in conjunction with Aldi Scotland who aim to introduce new Scottish craft gins, leading to the creation of special flavours.

The packaging

Forest Fruits Gin is the newest gin from McQueen to feature the new glass design. Formerly introduced at a previous Aldi Gin Festival, the change sees the distillery’s ceramic beauties become fully recyclable.

It still features the brand’s distinguishable craft gin logo and looks as good as ever. In fact, you could argue the translucency of the glass is pretty perfect for Forest Fruits Gin. The vibrant blue just looks so striking.

The Perfect Serve

50ml McQueen Forest Fruits gin, 100ml of light or premium tonic water, big ice, raspberry and blueberry garnish

On the Nose

Surprisingly, Forest Fruits gin is a lot like a traditional gin on the nose. There’s a strong hit of juniper as soon as the lid is lifted which may surprise people. Some may assume from the name and vibrant demeanor that this is a strongly flavoured gin.  There’s actually a lot going on here, however.


There’s no denying that, tasted straight, this a juniper-strong gin that conforms completely to what a gin is supposed to be. Yes, there’s an underlying berry sweetness but it’s closer to traditional gin than you might expect.

With Tonic

It’s when tonic is added, that the true magic begins (and we’re not just talking about the colour change aspect!) Seeing a subtle change in your glass from blue to pink is for sure fun but colour changing gin has been around for a good while now.

What’s truly wonderful about Forest Fruits Gin is that it becomes much softer and sweeter with the addition of tonic. A mixer really allows the berry notes to unravel.

Expect a subtle taste, however. For those familiar with Brockmans Gin, you might expect this one to have a similarly strong berry flavour.

The magic here, however, is in McQueen Gin’s ability to have the bitterness of juniper work so well with a sweet, fruity finish. It’s really more traditional gin with a twist than flavour overload.

Lasting impressions

Forest Fruits Gin may look wacky on your shelf, but it’s actually deliciously soft and subtle in taste. Sweet ‘n’ bitter, fizzy and refreshing in one, there’s so much more here than a colour changing magic trick.

Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin will be available now in all 81 Scottish Aldi stores for £19.99.

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