Gin Tonica brings a taste of summer on every page

Have you been lucky enough to get away this summer?

If you did — or perhaps even more so if you stayed at home and wondered if the better weather would ever arrive — you are probably wishing there was a way to transport yourself to a world of hot sun and cool G&Ts.

Well, we can’t offer you plane tickets but we can recommend this brilliant new book by drinks writer David T. Smith.


Gin Tonica celebrates the generously-sized and creatively garnished Spanish-style drink taking the cocktail world by storm.

It is packed full of truly tantalising recipes, and the beautiful photography put us right back in the Mediterranean mood.

David said: “A beautiful cocktail with a variety of herb and flower garnishes, a Spanish-style gin and tonic, or gin tonica, is made with a premium gin and the best quality tonic water, combined with bitters and various herbs, spices, flowers and fruits that will complement the botanicals of a specific gin.

“It is served over ice in an oversized balloon glass – the idea being that the shape enables the drinker to enjoy all the lovely aromas their drink gives off.

“For a cocktail with only two ingredients, the flavour potential is staggering!”

Featuring 40 recipes for Spanish-style gin and tonic cocktails, Gin Tonica is published by Ryland Peters & Small and costs £7.99. It’s out now.



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